Webhosting policy

Version of the 2015-10-01

This document is integral part of the Letzebuerg.net terms of service for webhosting services. This version is a non-binding translation of the french original.
Terms of service

1. Traffic flatrate

Only applies to products marked with "Traffic flatrate". These products do not define a surcharge for high bandwidth consumption. Letzebuerg.net reserves the right to intervene if a customer generates substantially more traffic than the average of other customers or what is considered normal usage. Should a customer be considered as exceeding fair usage bandwidth consumption, Letzebuerg.net may throttle or temporarily suspend the offending user.
The following usage scenarios are considered a violation of our fair-use policy:

1.1 Filesharing sites
Sites whose main usage is to let visitors download files. This includes one-click hosters, download portals, mirror sites and similar.

1.2 Streaming sites
Sites that host videos for viewing or that provide videos to be embedded into other services. Content-related videos to be used on the own website are allowed if not exagerated.

2. Disallowed usage

Additionally to the disallowed usage detailed in the terms of service, the following usage scenarios are forbidden in any case on our webhosting infrastructure:

2.1 Proxy service
Using software that uses Letzebuerg.net's network as a proxy for data traffic.

2.2 Scraper sites
Sites copying other websites purely to increase search ranking, sites that use generally disallowed techniques for search engine optimization or search engine link spamming.

2.3 Abusive system usage
Any script or process that adversely affects the ability of other customers of Letzebuerg.net to satisfactorily use the provided service is considered abusiv. This includes but is not limited to highly cpu-intense operations, overloy complex or high number of database operations, high disk activity and network usage.

2.4 Chat platform
Platforms that use the webhosting services of Letzebuerg.net to relay messages between users in near-realtime are disallowed. Platforms that use external services for communication but host the user interface or other part of the system on Letzebuerg.net are allowed.

2.5 DDoS targets
Sites and services known or expected to be targets of cyberattacks with the goal of overloading the site or server cannot be provided on shared hosting services.

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